SS Impex in Tirupur, Tamilnadu
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  • We Deal with all type of yarns

    We have the expertise to produce all types of cotton knitted fabrics, with or without Spandex.

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Exclusive Supplier of Speciality Yarn & Fabric


Execution is always a challenging task for any organization unless it has been pre-planned well. Planning is an important factor when it comes to processing of an order, failing which the circumstances turn out on the other way. We believe in Precise and transparent communications between our customers and suppliers to ensure a smooth run at all stages. Constant follow up with supplier base and updating of real-time status to customers helps gain more confidence.


The pivotal reason for Sabari Sastha Impex’s formidable success is sourcing and supplying quality knitting yarns

and knit fabrics, from Tirupur. Rapid growth was not a matter of chance, or else, every entrant in the field would have been as successful.

Sabari Sastha Impex has the special distinction of having its own team of experienced people. This team interacts closely with spinning mills and buyers to understand their specific requirements and to ensure true customization of the knitting yarn and knit fabric products.


Sabari Sastha Impex’s identity remains distinct and unique in the apparel industry. We could grasp and fulfill the requirement in the fashion industry by constant interaction with buyers, buying agents, R & D people, knit fabric technocrats, garment manufacturers and knitting yarn spinners.

Our mission, to update the market with new products, is achieved by practicing collective innovation in knitting yarn and knit fabric sector.Continuous & consistent effort for developing diverse specialty products is our guiding light for success.

Sabari Sastha Impex is a wide range of knitting yarn fabric suppliers that have been extending the superior quality knitted fabric at leading market price in Tirupur.