SS Impex in Tirupur, Tamilnadu | Organic Cotton Yarn
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Organic Cotton Yarn

Organic cotton yarn – Conventional or commercially grown cotton consumes approximately 25% of the insecticides and

more than 10% of the pesticides used in the agricultural world. Conventional farming consumes roughly one – third of a pound of

pesticides to just produce enough cotton for a single T-shirt. Organic cotton otherwise Bio-cotton is cultivated naturally without

any chemical fertilizers, harmful pesticides applied to the crop. Eco-friendly organic cotton yarn is safe and comfortable even for

people with sensitive skin, like babies, aged people, patients and pregnant women. Organic cotton yarn is certified by

Control Union Certifications Organization.



  • 20s to 40s
  • 100% Organic cotton grey yarn, Melange and Dyed yarn
  • GOTS & Organic Exchange Certifications
  • Organic Cotton slub grey yarn