SS Impex in Tirupur, Tamilnadu | Pilling-free Knit Fabric ((Vortex Knit Fabric))
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Pilling-free Knit Fabric ((Vortex Knit Fabric))

Pilling Free Knit Fabrics

Pilling-free knit fabric or Vortex knit fabric – This is a spinning technology which uses an air jet system to spin out the yarn. Fibers formed by these air flows possess a unique structure, and this provides the yarn with a wide range of functionalities.

The functionality of pilling-free knit fabric or Vortex knit fabric makes your apparel stand out from the competitions.

Advantages :

  • Less hariness & Clear appearance
  • High resistance to pilling & Abrasion
  • High moisture absorption
  • Less shrinkage & High wash resistance

Products : Viscose, Viscose/Cotton, Modal, Modal/Cotton, Polyester, Polyester/Viscose & Polyester/Cotton

Gauge : 24 GG / 28 GG / 32 GG

Structures : Single jersey / Interlock / Single rib / Durby rib / Honey comb / Pique / Airtex / Jacquard

Widths : Tubular and open width forms & Body size in tubular form

Dia, GSM, Stitch length & Slit line as per buyers requirement.

We produce Pilling-free knit fabric using Vortex Spinning technology that has Less hairiness, High moisture absorption, Less shrinkage & Pilling resistance.