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Viscose Filament Yarn


Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY) is a natural yarn made from Wood pulp or cotton pulp. It is obtained from nature & so is a natural product (not synthetic). Viscose Filament Yarn is also know as Rayon Yarn or Rayon Filament Yarn. Owing to the silky appearance & feel, VFY can be used to make fabrics for clothing and home textiles.Due to its feature of ability to breather & absorb liquid, it can be used in making soft smooth fabric for clothing. We offer a wide range of viscose filament deniers which has several weaving & embroidery applications. The lustre of Viscose Filament Yarn can be Bright or Full Dull. VFY is available in Raw White & packed on cones.



  • 120D, 150D & 300D