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Bamboo Knit Fabric Manufacturers

Bamboo knit fabric

Bamboo knit fabric is the choice for added comfort and ease. Bamboo fabric mixed with spandex is the ideal option for producing high fashion casual apparel. The bamboo knits are naturally soft, absorbs moisture and are odor resistant too. This eco-friendly fabric not only possesses excellent breathable property but is also hypoallergenic. Hence, for people who are especially allergic to certain natural fibers, the Bamboo knit fabric is the best choice, as it naturally resists microbes.


The bamboo knit fabrics stay durable owing to the strength of the bamboo fiber. The Bamboo – Spandex blend produces super comfy casual clothing for day and night wear. This fabric is best suited to produce baby clothing, nightwear, underwear, lounge wear, T-Shirts and Tops.


We are able to produce Bamboo knit fabric in different blends and shades and the end product is extremely soft, color-fast and stylish to wear. Place an order with us today!