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Cotton Slub Knit Fabric


Cotton slub knit fabric – Amsler of Switzerland has developed a new yarn spinning technology to produce slubs and recent updations like micro slubs & multi count yarns.

These cotton slub knit fabric have been made using the latest computerized yarn designing technique.

Amsler machines help the spinners in designing, combining and mixing different cotton slub yarn patterns in a single yarn.

It is possible to create attractive and innovative cotton slub yarn patterns as per our imagination, with the help of these machines.

Amsler cotton slub knit fabric can be availed in the following

Specifications :-

  • Long slub, Medium slub, Short slub, Micro-slub, Negative-slub, Nano slub (Linen Look) & Multi-count Yarn
  • Cotton slub yarn, Viscose slub, Injected slub – Grey & Colours
  • Melange slub, Organic Slub, Polyester slub, P/C Slub & P/V Slub
  • Gauge : 24 GG / 28 GG / 32 GG

    Structures : Single jersey / Interlock / Single rib / Durby rib / Honey comb / Pique / Airtex / Jacquard

    Widths : Tubular and open width forms & Body size in tubular form

    Dia, GSM, Stitch length & Slit line as per buyers requirement


Cotton slub knit fabric is made using the latest computerized yarn designing technique to produce Long, Medium, Short, Micro, Nano slub & Multi-count Yarn.