Knit fabrics in India | SS Impex in Tirupur, Tamilnadu
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Knit fabrics India

We are known among our customers for supplying diverse range of yarns and knit fabrics in India. Our commitment to deliver quality products is the reason for our successful growth and having a stronghold in the textile industry for more than a decade. Quality control is at the heart of our production process and we make sure that in every stage. In order to deliver only the best products, we import fibers from other countries and supply yarns and fabrics for the Indian textile industry. Some of the fabrics that we supply and are in demand for their quality are:

  • Bamboo Knit Fabric


  • Cotton Slub Knit Fabric


  • Indigo Denim Knit Fabric


  • Lenzing Modal Knit Fabric


  • Organic Cotton Knit Fabric and


  • Pilling-free Knit Fabric ((Vortex Knit Fabric))