SS Impex in Tirupur, Tamilnadu | Nano Slub Yarn – P/C 65/35
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Nano Slub Yarn – P/C 65/35


Nano slub yarn – containing Nano-slubs as a textural and style alternative has begun to develop. While retaining an overall

smooth texture, Nano-slub yarn is characterized by what is referred to as “Linen look knit fabric”. Essentially, a Nano-slub

yarn is an intentional pattern of slub yarn that is produced when spinning and  twisting machinery is adjusted to allow the

presence of the fuller lumps in the yarn itself. The result is that when the fabric is knitted, the Nano-slub yarns form a continuous

pattern in the material with a very pleasing “Linen look” effect.



  • 20s to 30 s