SS Impex in Tirupur, Tamilnadu | Poly/Cotton Yarn
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Poly/Cotton Yarn

Nano Slub - PC- 65-35

Polyester cotton yarn – There are several reasons for the importance of Polyester. It is a very strong fibre, so garments made from polyester fibres last longer than the ones made from natural fibres. Not a good absorbent of water, therefore polyester clothes dry faster. Highly abrasion and moth resistant.And it is also resistant to ordinary chemicals and biological agents. Polyester is used in making blended textiles with natural fibres. When terylene is mixed with cotton, it is called terrycot and with wool, it is called terrywool. These blended fibres are again used in making a whole range of textiles and garments.



  • 10 s to 40 s
  • Blends : 20/80, 40/60, 50/50 & 65/35 – Polyester cotton  yarn
  • Slub yarns in Polyester cotton blends – P/C 40/60 & 65/35